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Our Mission
Leak Control Systems Inc. is solely dedicated to offering real alternatives for slab leak and pinhole leak problems on copper piping systems with the finest quality corrosion control products, materials, and methodologies.

Our Methods
Our Cathodic Protection and Water Treatment inhibitor systems are based on methodologies accepted and recommeded by organizations such as:

Can My Pipes be Saved?
Why Cathodic Protection And Water Treatment Should Be Considered First

What Are My Options?
To address copper piping leak problems an Owner/Manager has three basic options:

  1. Fix Leaks as they occur
  2. Repipe – Full or Partial? Copper or Plastic?
  3. Corrosion Control & Design
    • Cathodic Protection – for soil-side corrosion problems
    • Water Treatment Inhibitors – for water-side corrosion or scaling problems
    • Epoxy Coatings – for water-side corrosion problems
    • Surface Treatments – for water-side corrosion problems
    • Design – Pump sizing and flow adjustments on hot water system

Before making a decision on how to address your problem it is wise to have all the information on all of the options!

Why Corrosion Control Should Be Considered First
Despite claims that the piping systems were “too far gone” to protect, cathodic protection and water treatment inhibitors have been used to successfully solve the ongoing leak problems on tens of thousands of residential units. Please click here to see the three primary reasons why corrosion control has been so successful, even when there is a substantial leak history.

It is Not Too Late - More Delays Only Cost More
Valuable time is often lost when building owners and managers delay decisions about controlling leak problems. Often we see leak problems deferred for years because of the perception that fixing leaks as they occur is the “least” expensive and safest approach. Actually, installing our low cost and convenient cathodic protection or water treatment inhibitor systems without delay will provide immediate results and benefits. In most cases, it will be all you have to do to solve your ongoing leak problems. Your options to repipe, use coatings or other surface treatments remain open. In the case of below-slab leaks, cathodic protection will complement any coatings or internal surface treatments by protecting the external (soil-side) surfaces of the piping.