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Case Studies
In each of the following examples there were strongly stated opinions that the pipes were already “gone” and that it was too late to install cathodic protection. Please see the three main reasons why cathodic protection typically achieves the results shown.

CASE No. 1
Property: Coral Gardens Apartments/ 200 Units/ 25+ years old
Location: El Cajon (San Diego)
Comments: Coral Gardens is an approximately 20 year old project. When the project was purchased by a new owner, the slableak frequency was documented to be in the order of four leaks per month. Cathodic protection was installed in May of 1993. During an inspection of the cathodic protection system, conducted May of 1996, the maintenance person said he made over $12,000 per year on overtime work related to slableak repairs before cathodic protection was installed. During the last several years there has been less than one slableak per year. The slableak problem has been solved.

CASE No. 2
Property: Presido Apartments (formerly Vista del Oro)/ 200+ units/ about 20 yrs old
Location: Oceanside, CA
Comments: Presidio was experiencing a severe slableak problem due to soil-side (external) corrosion of the copper piping. The leak frequency was in the order of 30 leaks per year. Cathodic protection was installed in February 2002. There was an immediate reduction in leaks after the system was installed, and the slableak frequency is now approaching zero. The slableak problem has been solved.

CASE No. 3
Property: Casa Grande Apartments/ 400+ units / about 30 years old
Location: Cypress, Orange County, CA
Comments: Casa Grande Apartments was experiencing severe external (soil-side) corrosion. During the months before cathodic protection was installed, Casa Grande was experiencing slableaks on a weekly basis. Cathodic protection was installed in early January of 2004. During the six months after cathodic protection was installed they experience only two slableaks. The onsite manager said that she believes the system has proven to be a solution to the slableak problem.

CASE No. 4
Property: Central Mesa Housing Apts./ 320 units / 25+ years old
Location: University of Calif., San Diego
Comments: UCSD Central Mesa Housing Apartments represent the first application of cathodic protection for below-slab copper plumbing in San Diego. Soon after construction in 1976, the Central Mesa Project experienced a series of below-slab copper failures, in the order of three leaks per month. A corrosion engineering firm was retained to investigate the problem. Based on the consultants recommendations, a cathodic protection system was installed in 1978. Twelve (12) years after the original installation, the system was replaced with a newer system. Over the last sixteen years there has been no indication of external (soil-side) copper corrosion.


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